1940 Lisboa, Portugal Exposição do Mundo Português









The Exposição do Mundo Português was held in Lisboa along the banks of the Tagus River.  The fair was promoted to create a feeling of community and a sense of pride; confirming at the same time Portugal's neutrality in the second world war. The fair celebrated 800 years since the founding of the country and 300 years of independence from Spain.

The construction of the marina is a legacy from the fair, along with the lighthouse. These very cool steps going into the water were part of the marina that was constructed for the fair and can be found at Doce de Belém.

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos represents a romantic version of conquest. The monument was originally made from wood and plaster but later was converted to a permanent feature (like the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee). Visitors to Lisboa will find a concrete replica of the Padrão dos Descobrimentos with the addition of Henry the Navigator looking out on the Tagus River, towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The Museu de Arte Popular is currently housed in a building from the 1940 fair.